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Physician Electronic Query Process

Posted on: August 25, 2016

IT and CDI are diligently working together to complete the final steps of the electronic query process. Once the details are finalized, we will begin training the Sound Physician Group and then roll out the new time efficient query process to all practice groups. Stay tuned. We will be in touch to set up training sessions.

Why do we need queries? We are better able to capture how sick your patient is during that admission. Improvements in documentation may increase the patient’s severity of illness and risk of mortality and better justify your length of stay. 

Example: A patient is admitted to the hospital with painful urination, fever 101.0, HR 120, lactic acid of 3.0, wbc 25, urine culture >100,000 Ecoli, sob, pulse ox 92% on RA, CXR bilateral infiltrates receiving IV Levaquin for sputum culture growing gram negative organisms.

Physician progress notes:


1)    UTI

2)    SIRS

3)    Bilateral lung infiltrates

Codes to DRG: 690



LOS-2.87 days

*(reference range for SOI/ROM 1-4)


Physician is queried using approved criteria to further clarify a diagnosis related to clinical findings.

Updated Impression:

1)UTI w/ sepsis

2)Bilateral Pneumonia due to gram negative organism


Codes to DRG 871



LOS: 5.0 days

*(reference range for SOI/ROM 1-4)



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