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One Call Transfer, Direct Admission

Posted on: March 15, 2017

To facilitate the orderly admission of patients to Mercy Medical Center while obtaining all necessary information for each department, please call the One Call Line at 855-260-CARE (2273).

1. If the patient is an ED to ED transfer, the call will be forwarded to the ED PCC at ext. 2188.

2. The One Call Transfer Line will roll over to the ED PCC line if not answered. The information below will be obtained by the ED PCC and faxed to the ASM.

3. The ASM will obtain the patient name and demographic information from transferring facility, probable healthcare status, facility the patient is coming from, and what kind of unit is necessary (telemetry, critical care, etc.). This information can be placed in bed-tracking for registration and then instant notify admitting via Bed Board.

  • Admitting will receive a patient’s demographic information from the sending facility to verify patient’s insurance coverage.
  • Registration will notify the ASM that patient’s insurance coverage is valid.

4. The ASM will contact the hospitalist to accept all admissions without primary care providers. The ASM will coordinate a conference call with the referring provider and hospitalist. A sub specialist may be included in this call.

5. The ASM will notify the admitting department via bed board to create a PRE-ADMU account with a location H.ADMU for all direct admission/One Call patients with the data provided from the ASM/One-Call so the physicians can electronically enter physician orders into the electronic health record. This should also include patients that are discharged from Rehab and admitted back to the hospital.

Fax: 330-489-1203 during Admitting hours; 330-430-6950 nights and weekends

* Admitting is open until 3 p.m. on weekends.

6. The patient’s registration status will remain in the pre-admit status until they arrive. Upon arrival the patient will be brought to a full registration with the date and time. The arrival date and time starts the hospital stay. The ASM will then assign a patient room.

7. The ASM will coordinate patient placement based on available hospital resources and capabilities.

8. If the patient arrives without a healthcare status order and there is no order in Meditech, then the registrar will call the physician and ask them to:

  • Give a telephone order to the ED Navigator at ext. 1417. The ED Navigator will only take the status order and enter into Meditech.
  • During the off hours, call the ASM at ext. 1023. The ASM will facilitate the entering of the order into Meditech, such as a charge nurse entering the order.

9. The order will then appear on the status board for admitting to acknowledge.

10. If the patient is coming from the physician office or from home, they are to be directed to stop in the Admitting Department to complete the necessary paperwork. If the patient is coming by ambulance, they will be directed to the Emergency Department. The registrar will notify the PCC in ED (ext. 2188) of a Direct Admission or Transfer, so the patient is not seen by the ED physician. Emergency Department personnel will direct the squad to the appropriate nursing unit and the family, if present, to the registrar.

11. Patients presenting in the Emergency Department for Maternity Services will be escorted directly to the Maternity Unit.

12. Admitting will need to verify that the Health Care Status in CPOM matches the Registration status once orders are placed.

13. NOTE: Physicians will also utilize the One Call Line for all Direct Admissions. Calls placed to Admitting should be forwarded to the Direct Call Line. The ASM will notify Admitting of the needed information to open up the PRE-ADMU patient account.

14. Note: While in registration/admitting, if a patient appears to be in distress, activate a “Rapid Response” by calling the hospital operator at ext. 2222.




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