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E-Signing Made Easy

Posted on: February 8, 2017

With a smart phone and any other mobile device (laptop or tablet), you can now submit orders and e-sign reports from any location with internet connectivity. Have a smart watch too? You can e-sign your orders and notes by simply touching your watch. 

Ronald Crock, M.D., president of Mercy Medical Staff, says, “I can check my email without taking my phone out of my pocket. E-signing reports and orders is a lot more convenient and faster. The level of distraction is greatly reduced; the return to focus is minimized. I’d estimate I may be saving an hour a day in the sum of things. I click submit, the notification mirrors to my watch from my phone, I touch my watch and move on to the next.”

Other benefits to enrolling with Symantec VIP through Mercy Medical Center include:

  • 365 day password expiration (as opposed to the current 90 day term)
  • Added security of dual authentication
  • Eliminates the need for security questions
  • Is a requirement for the future functionality of e-prescribing of controlled substances

Go to your App store and download Symantec VIP access. After installation, contact Ben Baclawski with your provided Credential ID. He can be reached at 330-588-4864 or ben.baclawski@cantonmercy.org.



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