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Posted on: May 13, 2010

Breast Prostheses, Mastectomy Forms, Wigs, Compression Stockings & More

When illness takes a toll on our physical bodies, it can make an impact emotionally as well. The loss of control in appearance-related issues can have a direct effect on self-esteem and confidence. The Mercy Boutique, located on Mercy’s main campus in Canton, Ohio, was created as a sanctuary of hope and healing for cancer survivors and individuals with other medical conditions. Our professional, compassionate staff will assist you in a private, soothing environment.

Mercy Boutique is housed inside Mercy Cancer Center / Mercy Surgery Center. Parking is available at our 12th Street entrance.

Breast Prosthetics, Mastectomy Bras & Partial Breast Forms

Canton Ohio custom fitting of compression stockings, breast prostheses & more

At Mercy Boutique, you can choose from a full line of breast forms and prostheses, mastectomy bras and post-surgery camisoles. We offer lightweight, non-custom products from industry leaders, such as Amoena, American Breast Care, Classique, Jodee, Anita and TruLife.

All mastectomy bras come with pockets to hold the many different styles and shapes of breast prosthesis options. Surgical and specialty bras, including those recommended for use with radiation therapy and those adapted for women who lack finger dexterity, are also available.

Certified mastectomy fitters Cynthia McCrae (pictured above) and Darlene Alfani (pictured below) are available to assist you by appointment.

Canton Ohio shop for breast prostheses, mastectomy forms & more

Mercy Boutique also offers partial breast forms and enhancers to provide balance and fill in deficits left by lumpectomies. When medically necessary, these products are covered by Medicare and most insurances.

Bra Fittings for All Women

If finding a bra that fits well is a challenge for you, visit Mercy Boutique. Our certified fitters can help any woman who has balance issues, range-of-motion problems or simply need to find a great fitting bra. You can shop from a large selection of styles, sizes and colors.

Turbans, Wigs & Styling

If you’ve experienced medically induced hair loss, we can help. We carry a wide selection of wigs from quality brands — including Rachel Welch, Gabor and Salon Silhouette — and offer accessories. Our extensive line of wigs, hats, scarves and turbans are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Compression Products for Lymphedema Care and Leg Health

For lymphedema that may result from cancer treatment or other conditions, we offer a complete line of custom-made and standard compression stockings, sleeves, gloves and gauntlets to meet your needs. If you have varicose veins or spider veins, compression stockings from Juzo provide external support to vein walls and help minimize and control leg and ankle swelling.

Cancer Awareness and Gift Items

At Mercy Boutique, you can also find a selection of cancer awareness and cancer-related items, jewelry, candles, unique clothing, holiday and seasonal gifts, and gifts for all occasions.

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