Christian Completes 800-mile Haute Route Ride Through French Alps for Cancer Center

We are so proud of Chris Christian, LAN administrator with Mercy Information Services! Earlier this month, Chris completed the Haute Route, an arduous, seven-day, 800-kilometer bike ride through the French Alps. It was the equivalent of running a full marathon per day for seven days. Cycling to honor the memory of friends and family members…

Chris Christian Completes Haute Route 2016 for Mercy Cancer Center, Canton, Ohio
Beyond 1,851: Tour de Mercy Ends on the Mountain Top

On this 106th anniversary of Mercy Founders Day, our pilgrim Chris Christian is now on a plane bound for Cleveland, Ohio. He had originally planned to cycle 1,851 kilometres to raise cancer awareness and honor the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, who left France on September 24, 1851, and sailed to America to care…

Conclusion of Tour de Mercy 2014
‘The Human Spirit Is an Amazing Thing’: Life Lessons from Tour de Mercy

After biking in France since September 11, Chris Christian returned to Italy on Wednesday, September 17, at kilometre 1400 in his cycling loop through Europe. Soon, after numerous mountain climbs and 17 days on most rugged tour he's ever attempted, Chris will reach the end of this extraordinary trek. His personal goal: 1,851 kilometers in…

King of the Mountain: Tour de Mercy Tops Formidable Mt. Ventoux

He did it! This past Sunday Chris Christian completed the most difficult stage of Tour de Mercy: the ascent of Mont Ventoux, a climb made famous in modern times by elite Tour de France cyclists. Also called the “Beast of Provence,” Mt. Ventoux gradients average from 3.9 percent to 8.9 percent with frequent strong winds,…

Tour de Mercy 2014 Mt Ventoux Summit
More Mountains and Higher Spirits: Chris Rides ‘Stage Kennedy’

After a very difficult ride yesterday in the mountains, Chris continued cycling through the French Alps today on what he calls Stage Kennedy, named in honor of Mary Ann Kennedy, mother of Mercy IT employee Ben Kennedy, who lost her battle with cancer several years ago. Despite the continued challenge of the terrain, Chris reports…

Tour de Mercy 2012 | Final Mountain Ascent on 9.11.14 for Chris Christian
‘Turning Around Is Not on My List of Options’: Tour de Mercy in the Alps

At this moment, Chris is resting in a hotel in the French Alps. In his own words, "I am pretty much drained." Yesterday, he sent photos of where he was heading. Before he started, he said: I'll need to take my mind someplace peaceful. I rode with an old timer today for a spell. He…

Tour de Mercy 2014 | View of the Alps
Follow Me. I’ll Lead You to the Right Road.

Our Tour de Mercy pilgrim continued his ride through Italy yesterday, biking 149 kilometres from Biella, brushing by Milano and Torino, and finally resting for the night in Venaria Reale. It's mountain-climbing time as Chris pushes through the most arduous part of his journey, cycling through the Alps. He says it's going to be a…

Tour de Mercy 2014 | Biella, Milano, Torino Italy
Tour de Mercy Begins: Chris Sets Out on September 7

After a lengthy transatlantic flight, Chris Christian arrived safely in Italy on September 7. But, instead of resting as planned, here's what he did: I got here early Sunday morning and was feeling pretty good. So, I went ahead and began biking from Bergamo to Biella today. I also climbed an incredible mountain in the Alps…

Tour de Mercy 2014 | Sanctuary di Oropa in Italy