Stress Less: Managing Stress in a World of Stressors

Stress: We all experience it. Not all stress is bad, of course. Training for a marathon, preparing to defend your dissertation or working toward any other big goal can be a form of healthy stress. However, unmanaged, day-to-day aggravations and major life upheavals can eventually take a toll on your health. What Is Stress? Stress…

Stress Less: managing stress in a world full of stressors
4 Simple Ways to STOP and Practice Mindfulness

When the word mindfulness comes to mind, many assume it involves being zoned out and ignoring reality. In fact, mindfulness is just the opposite. Jon Kabat Zinn, a leader in the field of mindfulness, defines mindfulness as “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.” The results of regular…

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How the Japanese Concept of Kintsugi Can Help With Relational Loss

Often when we’ve been hurt in life, we feel broken. In our culture, if something is broken, we usually throw it away and replace it. However, the Japanese have a different approach. They practice the art of Kintsugi, which is repairing broken pottery or ceramics so that the brokenness is made beautiful. Instead of hiding your…

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Making Changes For Good: Four Factors To Improve Will Power

Many people make a list of changes they want to accomplish in their lives at the beginning of the year. The changes often last for a short time before fading away, no matter how much the change is desired. A person will then think, “I just don’t have enough will power,” and feel bad until…

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Five Ways to Combat the Holiday Blues (and What To Do If It’s Beyond the Blues)

If you find yourself gritting your teeth when you hear Christmas carols, wanting to wring the neck of the next person who wishes you happy holidays, or feel the tears starting when you see decorations, how can you get through the season? Many people enjoy the holidays, and yet, for others, the holidays are a…

five tips to deal with holiday blues
Holiday Memories: Dealing with Loss at a Time of Joy

Everyone anticipates the holiday season differently. Some may be excited for the gathering of family and friends, while others may find the holiday season emotionally challenging. This is especially true if you’ve lost someone close to you. The absence of your loved one can be overwhelming. During the holidays, grief from loss may feel like…

Dealing with memories and grief at the holidays
Have Worries Become Anxiety? Six Questions to Ask Yourself

How do you know when it crosses the line from merely stressful to a real problem? Though it’s not always easy to tell, there are some simple questions to ask yourself. Our days are often busy, busy, busy. If you’re a parent, you may running ragged, trying to fit all the school and extra-curricular activities…

Worries Become Anxiety - Help from Mercy Concern Counseling - Canton Akron Ohio
10 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress & Put the Season into Perspective

The media typically portray the holidays as the happiest time of the year, but rarely do our experiences match our memories or our expectations. Michele Morgart with Mercy Concern provides 10 ways you can put things into perspective and enjoy the season more. The holiday season is here, and with this time comes a variety…

10 ways to manage Christmas stress - Mercy Concern Professional Counseling Services
Four Things You Must Do to Overcome the Stress of Job Loss

When you experience the loss of a job or other, major workplace change, there are many similarities to the stages of grief and loss. Learn more about the four tasks you must complete in order to move past a painful job loss. Whenever there is a change, there is loss, and loss always brings about…

Four things to do when you lose your job - Mercy Counseling, Canton and Akron, Ohio
10 Tips on Dealing with Procrastination

Procrastination is a complicated behavior but it can be mastered. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, avoid don’t delay! Implement these tips from Michele Morgart, Mercy Concern Professional Counseling Services. The word procrastination comes from a Latin verb meaning “to put off until tomorrow.” It is not a simple problem of time management (which,…

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If You’re Always Tranquil, Ignore This. 8 Secrets of Relaxation for the Rest of Us.

For a few lucky people, tranquility seems to be an inborn gift — something they just have. The rest of us must teach ourselves the secrets of relaxation, inner peace and tranquility in the workplace and during troubled personal times. Even when we think we’re too busy and overworked to relax, slowing down a little…

8 Secrets of Relaxation from Mercy Concern, Canton Ohio
18 Things That Will Help You Manage Stress on the Job

Although organizations can develop systems and offer programs that support stress management objectives, you must ultimately take the initiative in managing stress in your workplace. Here are 18 techniques that have worked for many of my clients:  #1 — Understand that stress is based on your perception of threat — and that you have the…

Manage Workplace Stress. Tips from Canton Mercy Concern.
6 Techniques of Stress Resistance That Work

Stress can be positive or negative. In its positive aspect, stress can help us concentrate, focus, and achieve. Negative stress occurs when we can’t relax and we get caught up in an on-going cycle of distress that affects our health and well-being. Here's how to resist negative stress. Did you take my Stress Resistance Quiz…

6 Techniques of Stress Resistance That Work | Mercy Concern EAP
Quiz: Test Your Stress Resistance

How susceptible to stress are you? Take this 20-question quiz to find out. Your daily habits and personal characteristics greatly affect the way you tolerate stress. Factors such as diet, exercise, smoking and many other personal features can increase or decrease your resistance to stress.  The following quiz takes many of these features into account…

stress quiz | Mercy Concern | mental health counseling canton ohio
7 Myths and Realities of the Holiday Season

During the Christmas holiday season, we often have high hopes for everything — from perfect gift-giving to smooth and happy family get-togethers. We may also feel as if we should be happy and social all the time. In this post, I'd like to dispel some common myths about Christmastime and encourage you to embrace the…

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