5 Things Everyone Taking Diabetes Medications Should Do

Diabetes can definitely be a challenging condition to manage, especially when it comes to medications. If you are diabetic, there are five key things you need to do to get the most health benefits from your prescriptions.  Guest post by: Mike Shelley Fourth Year Pharmacy Student Northeast Ohio Medical University As I approach the start…

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The Five Best Questions to Ask a Pharmacist About Your Prescription

When you or someone you love starts a new prescription medication, it may be difficult to know what to ask your pharmacist. Try these five questions to get this important conversation started. Guest post by: Ken Biddle, PharmD candidate Ohio Northern University “Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?” If you’ve ever picked up…

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14 Questions to Ask a Hospital Pharmacist Before Discharge

Today, many pharmacists work at hospitals and are part of your health-care team. If you or someone you love is hospitalized, it’s important to involve the pharmacist in your care and get answers to these 14 important questions about your prescriptions. Guest post by: Diana Flounders Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, 2016 Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED)…

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Four Things to Know About Flu Shots

Getting the flu shot is the best decision you can make to help protect you and your loved ones this season. Flu activity is usually the highest during February, so get your flu shot today. October marks the beginning of the flu season – which means, time to get your yearly flu shot. The Centers…

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Everything You (Generally) Need to Know About Heart Medications

Understanding how heart medications function and what they do for you can make it easier to remember them. If you take them, be prepared next time a health professional asks, "Are you taking any medications?" "Are you taking any medications?" That's often one of the first — if not THE first — question you are…

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Antidepressants Getting You Down? How to Cope with Six Common Side Effects.

Have unwanted side effects from your antidepressant medication left you wondering if the treatment might be worse than the depression itself? Good news! Many side effects can be managed effectively — without discontinuing or changing your medication. Here are some tips to help you cope. Headaches and Gastric Upset In a recently published study, data…

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Two Things a Hospital Pharmacist Wants You to Know

Did you know that Mercy Medical Center has a pharmacy that takes care of only the patients who stay here? Most hospitals do. As a staff pharmacist here since 1989, I can tell you medication safety is our primary concern in Mercy Pharmacy. Here are two ways you can help. According to the United States…

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New Mercy ER Pharmacist Strives to Reduce Medication Errors

National studies reveal that emergency departments are at higher risk for medication errors. The first of our three ER pharamacists recently began working in Mercy Emergency Department (ED). Mercy appointed Luke Fawcett, PharmD, to the position of clinical pharmacy specialist in emergency medicine. Dr. Fawcett is the first of three clinical pharmacy specialists who will…

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