Mercy TAVR Patient, Age 88, Can Breathe Easy Again

Jane Coleman found it hard to breathe. She had little energy and always felt tired. A widow and resident of an independent living facility in North Canton, Jane had started paying for extra help with household chores, such as changing her bed sheets. Most would say this isn’t unusual for people of Jane’s age (she’ll…

hearts clipped to clothes line with clothes pins
‘Mercy Gave Us Our Mom Back’

North Canton Woman Recovers Strength, Spirit at 97 After TAVR Procedure Virginia Boyle survived a heart attack at age 72. Living with her son in Ravenna, Ohio, at the time, she underwent a heart catheterization at an Akron hospital, returning five subsequent times for stents. For nearly 25 years, her heart remained stable, and Virginia—a…

High-risk TAVR patient Virginia Boyle after surgery at Mercy in Canton
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Patient Survives Thanks to Mercy ER Cath Lab

Barbara Pack remembers nothing of her life on January 14, 2019. Not the pain and discomfort. Not being in the car with her husband, who drove her to Mercy. Not the moment she went into sudden cardiac arrest, unresponsive and pulseless, in the Mercy Emergency Department. After rapid resuscitation and heart catheterization in the Mercy…

Canton Heart Attack Patient | Mercy ER Chest Pain Center
After TAVR Procedure at Mercy, MCI Patient Clyde Erb Says He ‘Feels 20 Again’

This past April, the discovery of a heart murmur brought Clyde Erb of Kidron to Mercy Cardiovascular Institute (MCI), where his cardiologist uncovered a damaged aortic heart valve. For Clyde, a congenial, outgoing man who loves to travel with his wife Joann, the diagnosis was yet another challenge among the many health problems he’s faced…

Canton Mercy TAVR Clyde Erb 2018