How the Japanese Concept of Kintsugi Can Help With Relational Loss

Often when we’ve been hurt in life, we feel broken. In our culture, if something is broken, we usually throw it away and replace it. However, the Japanese have a different approach. They practice the art of Kintsugi, which is repairing broken pottery or ceramics so that the brokenness is made beautiful. Instead of hiding your…

Kintsugi for relational loss, broken heart - Mercy Concern, Canton Ohio
Reduce Your SAD: 7 Everyday Things You Can Do to Cope

Feeling SAD? You’re not alone. About five to 10 percent of the population develops Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is different from the “winter blues.” Gail Snyder with Mercy Concern provides an overview of SAD along with seven everyday measures you can take. During the shortened days of autumn and winter, some people find themselves…

7 Everyday measures you can take to combat SAD
Holiday Memories: Dealing with Loss at a Time of Joy

Everyone anticipates the holiday season differently. Some may be excited for the gathering of family and friends, while others may find the holiday season emotionally challenging. This is especially true if you’ve lost someone close to you. The absence of your loved one can be overwhelming. During the holidays, grief from loss may feel like…

Dealing with memories and grief at the holidays