Are Dental Implants Right For You? Five Things to Talk About With Your Dentist.

Dentists have been using dental implants to replace missing teeth for more than 40 years. They can be used as single implants to replace one tooth, or as multiple implants to replace a section of teeth, to replace all upper and lower teeth, or to help dentures stay in place. But are dental implants right…

Five things to consider before getting a dental implant
When and Why It May Be Wise to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Currently, research and clinical experience indicate elective extractions of wisdom teeth for the majority of young adults. However, visiting your dentist for a wisdom teeth evaluation is the wisest decision you can make. For those looking for a trivia question, there are usually 32 teeth present in the human mouth. The last of these teeth…

Should you have wisdom teeth removed - from Mercy Dental in Canton, Ohio
How to Overcome Your Inner Anti-dentite (or Dealing with Dental Care Fears)

Once shocked by his patients' hatred of dentists, George Williams, DDS, now better understands "anti-dentites," or people with fears about dental care. If you have dentophobia, read Dr. Williams' suggestions for overcoming it. There was a time in my life when I would have guessed the number-one answer to the Family Feud question – Which health-care…