64-Slice CT with SnapShot Pulse

64 Slice ct scannerWhy a 64-slice CT scan with SnapShot Pulse?

This non-invasive diagnostic imaging system captures pictures of the beating heart and the blood vessels (even in the brain), which is not possible with slower scanners. The speed and image quality of the 64-slice scanner can:

  • Help minimize the need for invasive cardiac catheterization tests.
  • Assist in determining the effects of a stroke.
  • Shorten breath holds for older patients, patients on ventilators, and pediatric patients.
  • Reduce test-related anxiety.

With SnapShot Pulse, cardiac screenings are safer because X-rays are turned on only when the heart beats and turned off completely at all other times.

The Safest, Most Advanced Cardiac and Vascular Imaging

64-Slice CT with SnapShot Pulse Although computed tomography (CT) units have been around for years, Mercy offers one of the area’s only 64- slice CT scanners, featuring the LightSpeed® Volume Computed Tomography (VCT) Imaging System. Able to capture images of a beating heart in five heartbeats, an organ in one second and the complete body in 10 seconds, this scanner performs more than twice as fast as conventional multi-slice CT scanners. And, Mercy is the only hospital in Stark County to offer 64-slice CT scans with SnapShot Pulse technology, reducing a patient’s radiation dose by more than 80 percent.

Digital Diagnostic and Interventional Angiography

Mercy also provides the latest in digital angiography, featuring state-of-the-art image quality and radiation dose management. An angiogram (a digital X-ray of the blood vessels obtained by injecting dye into arteries or veins) helps locate vascular disease and blockages and, in many cases, treat them at the same time – without surgery.

Technology at the Heart of Patient Care

Although committed to exploring all appropriate noninvasive treatment options, the Mercy Heart Center’s experienced clinical teams can also perform a complete range of cardiac and thoracic surgery in operating suites specially designed for cardiovascular procedures.

‘Universal Beds’ in CVSCU

With patient comfort and safety in mind, the heart center’s cardiovascular special care unit (CVSCU) simplifies postsurgical care with ‘universal beds.’ Following surgery, CVSCU patients remain in one room throughout their hospital stay while the appropriate level of care is brought to them.

Tandem Heart

The heart center also offers the TandemHeart® PTVA System, a device that makes it possible to safely perform angioplasty on patients considered high risk for heart surgery.

Much like a cardiac bypass, this system assists with blood circulation. However, a cardiac bypass can be used for only eight hours. TandemHeart® can work for several days, enabling Mercy to help many patients who previously were not candidates for heart revascularization.