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Work Health and Safety Services

Work Health & Safety (WHSS) is Stark County’s oldest Occupational Medicine clinic. Which means we offer you the most experienced occupational medicine staff in Stark County. We are currently serving over 1,100 customers in Stark and surrounding counties. Our goal is to provide employers with a comprehensive approach to reducing health and safety costs. We help injured employees return to work as soon as possible, while minimizing lost-time work days and preventing long-term disability, all of which are costly for employer and employee alike.

With today’s emphasis on reducing workers compensation cost and complying with disability legislation, employers need an effective program that stresses prevention and can keep workers healthy. Work Health & Safety is committed to helping you reach those objectives.

We practice 100% Occupational Medicine, which translates to highly focused and dedicated health care services for your employees.

Acting as your partner, we help you provide a safe work place by educating your employees and offering preventative healthcare services. When an injury does happen, however, we offer both immediate and continuing care for the employee through 24-hour injury treatment, physical & occupational therapy and rehabilitation services.

11 reasons11 Reasons Why Your Choice Is Easy

  1. WHSS works with over 1,100 businesses in Stark & surrounding counties.
  2. We have 24-hour injury treatment and drug and alcohol testing.
  3. 96% of our injury patients go back to work the same day.
  4. 95% of patients are in and out in less than one hour.
  5. Our occupational health specialists can help you identify non-legitimate claims.
  6. Our customers have direct access to our Medical Director, Dr. Hensley.
  7. We work with all MCO plans and can treat any injured employee.
  8. WHSS helps lower overall healthcare cost with health and safety education.
  9. We are a certified BWC (Bureau of Worker's Compensation) Provider.
  10. We are accredited by DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association).
  11. We are a provider for DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals and drug and alcohol testing.

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