Sports Medicine Services

Mercy Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Services

Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Mercy Sports MedicineFor sports related injuries, Mercy Sports Medicine offers injury prevention consultations, injury rehabilitation, pre-season conditioning programs for any sports activity, pre-season physicals for recreational or scholastic athletes, athletic training coverage for professional, collegiate, scholastic and club sports, coaches continuing education, community education through Mercy′s Speakers Bureau and flexible hours to fit your schedule. If you’d like an athletic trainer as a guest speaker for your organization, call 330-966-8920 or email

Orthopedic-Related Rehabilitation

For acute, orthopedic injuries, Mercy Sports Medicine offers a physical therapy program which includes the evaluation and treatment of acute musculoskeletal injuries, aquatic therapy, custom orthotic fabrication and fitting, isokinetic evaluation and rehabilitation, rehabilitation of post-surgical conditions, and custom fitting of braces, supports and other protective devices.

Occupational-Related Rehabilitation

Mercy Sports Medicine also offers occupational–related rehabilitation programs to treat patients with injuries that occur at the workplace. In conjunction with Mercy Work Health & Safety Services, patients at Mercy Health Center of North Canton can literally walk from the physician′s examination room to our therapy clinic all within the same facility.

Athletic Training

An athletic trainer is often thought of as the person who rushes to an injured athlete during a game. But Mercy’s certified athletic trainers help prevent and treat injuries for all people who are physically active. Under the direction of Mark J. Hudak, medical director of Mercy Sports Medicine, Mercy’s athletic trainers are healthcare professionals specializing in the prevention, assessment, immediate care and rehabilitation of injuries that result from physical activity.

Mercy’s athletic trainers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited college or university and serve:

 Blue Streaks
Malone Pioneers

To learn more about Mercy's Athletic Trainers, click here.

Sports Enhancement Programs

With each change of season come familiar sounds from athletic fields, golf courses and gymnasiums across the landscape. Mercy sports specialists help athletes, ages 10 and up, improve their skills and prepare for the next season. Whether you’re a youth football player wanting to improve your speed, agility and endurance, a high school volleyball player trying to avoid a lower extremity injury or a golf enthusiast wanting to improve your game, Mercy′s experienced team of individuals with degrees and certifications can help. For more information, click here.

Support for Coaches

To support area coaches, Mercy Sports Medicine hosts quarterly coaches clinics in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Ohio Department of Education and an e-newsletter titled Coaches Playbook.

For more information about Mercy Sports Medicine, call 330-966-8920.

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