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At Mercy Sports Medicine, we understand how important mobility is because we specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal, sports and orthopaedic injuries. Our experienced team of physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and exercise physiologists utilize advanced sports medicine techniques to return your body to peak efficiency as quickly and safely as possible. Whether you’re suffering from a sport or orthopaedic injury, Mercy Sports Medicine can help.

To support area coaches, Mercy Sports Medicine hosts quarterly coaches clinics in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Ohio Department of Education.


We specialize in the latest Sports Medicine techniques for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries. Serious athletes, weekend warriors and health buffs of all ages can benefit from our Comprehensive Sports Medicine, Orthopedic and Occupational Related Rehab Programs.


Sports Medicine

It's Not Just for the Pros

Sports Medicine is often associated with Major League Baseball, the NFL or the Olympic Games. But you don't have to be a professional athlete to see the benefits of a sports medicine program. Whether you're a scholastic athlete, a fitness enthusiast or simply enjoy a sporting activity as a hobby, Mercy's Sports Medicine Center provides this area with a comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and prevention fitness facility. 

Professionals, including physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, athletic trainers and exercise physiologists are all part of the treatment team. Each team member has extensive experience working with athletes and individuals of all ages. They use this knowledge and expertise to assist you in training, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

In addition to treating sports related injuries, Mercy's Sports Medicine Center also offers comprehensive Orthopedic and Occupational related rehab programs.

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A Full Service Sports Medicine Center

Mercy's Sports Medicine Center is located in Mercy Health Center of North Canton on the corner of Whipple Avenue and Glenwood Street. The Center provides the following services:

For Sports Related Injuries
  • Injury prevention consultations
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Pre-season conditioning programs for any sports activity
  • Pre-season physicals for recreational or scholastic athletes
  • Athletic training coverage for professional, collegiate, scholastic and club sports
  • Coaches continuing education program
  • Community education through our Speakers' Bureau
  • Treatment hours to fit your schedule for Acute Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services
  • Evaluation and treatment of acute musculoskeletal injuries
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Custom orthotic fabrication and fitting
  • Isokinetic evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of post surgical conditions
  • Custom fitting of braces, supports and other protective devices
  • Kineseotaping techniques
  • Sound assisted soft tissue mobilization (SASTM)
Occupational Related Rehab Programs

Mercy's Sports Medicine Center offers occupational related rehab programs to treat patients with injuries that occur at the workplace. In conjunction with Work Health & Safety Center provides an ideal and convenient setting for anyone in need of these services. The injured employee can literally walk from the doctor's examination room to our therapy clinic all within the same facility. 

Services we provide include:
  • Acute Care Therapy: The rehabilitation process of a new or "fresh" injury can dramatically be enhanced if treated immediately. This also reduces the costs associated with occupational injuries.
  • Work Simulation: Our staff will work with the patient by imitating some of his or her day to day activities in order for the injured worker to return safely to the workplace.
  • Physical Reconditioning: In most cases, the injured worker needs to work on regaining his or her physical strength and endurance. Progressive exercise programs are individually designed using state-of-the-art exercise and strength equipment.
  • Physical Capacity Evaluation: Our staff will evaluate the patient's physical capacities and limitations as it applies to specific job requirements. This helps us determine when it is safe for an employee to return to work or we may make recommendations for job placement of the patient.
  • Work-Site Evaluations: This is an on-site assessment of the job demands and physical requirements employees face. The assessment helps us recommend modifications of the workplace to the employer in order to reduce potential injury to the employee.
  • ImPACT Concussion Management
    Mercy Sports Medicine offers ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) a sophisticated, research-based concussion management program to help health care professionals evaluate an athlete’s recovery following a concussion.
  • Athletic Training
    An athletic trainer is often thought of as the person who rushes to an injured athlete during a game. But Mercy’s certified athletic trainers help prevent and treat injuries for all people who are physically active. Under the direction of Mark J. Hudak, M.D., medical director of Sports Medicine, Mercy’s athletic trainers are healthcare professionals specializing in the prevention, assessment, immediate care and rehabilitation of injuries that result from physical activity.

    Mercy’s athletic trainers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited college or university and serve

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Mark J. Hudak

Mark J. Hudak, M.D.

Medical Director, Sports Medicine

Eldon Jones

Eldon Jones

Director of Sports Medicine


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High School Athlete Sports Enhancement ProgramMercy Sports Medicine specialists also specialize in sports enhancement training and injury prevention. Individual and group training sessions help athletes improve their skills and prepare for the next season.



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