Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Catch Your Second Wind

The goal of Mercy Pulmonary Rehabilitation is to improve the quality of life for individuals with chronic lung disease. The goal is achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach to education, breathing retraining, emotional support and graded exercise conditioning in coordination with your personal physician.

Phase 1

Pulmonary Rehabilitation assists individuals with chronic lung disease in maintaining optimal health through self care. This can be achieved through learning more about lung disease. Phase 1 consists of educational programs about lung disease and may also include further evaluation and diagnostic testin gas indicated.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a comprehensive program designed to improve the overall function of individuals with chronic lung disease using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes education, nutritional counseling, breathing retraining, emotional support and a graded exercise program conducted under the supervision of health professionals.

Phase 3

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an ongoing program open to graduates of a Phase 2 program with physician referral. Phase 3 participants will follow an individualized program designed to maintain function that may be performed on your own with periodic evaluations or in a group program under supervision of health care professionals.

Pulmonary Support Group

Pulmonary Support Group is open to anyone with lung disease, their families and friends. Through continuing education and recreational activities, Pulmonary Support Group will help individuals with chronic lung disease cope more effectively with their disease. Events are planned and designed to help individuals with lung disease decrease their anxiety and shortness of breath in public while having fun at the same time. Although there is no fee, there may be a cost for recreational activities.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
To see if you could benefit from joining a rehabilitation program for those with lung disease or lung problems, take the following short quiz.
1. Do you experience shortness of breath with exertion?
2. Do you experience shortness of breath at rest?
3. Does your shortness of breath make you ill at ease in public places?
4. Do you use oxygen at home?
5. Has your physician informed you that you have asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis?
6. Do you have to stop and 'catch your wind'‚? after climbing a flight of stairs?
7. Does your breathing interfere with your ability to do normal daily activities?
8. Do you frequently wheeze and cough?
9. Would you enjoy learning more about lung disease and ways to improve your ability to do normal activities?
10. Would you enjoy being a part of a structured program that includes educational sessions, exercise groups, outings and events specially designed for those with lung problems?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you could possibly benefit from joining our program.

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