With a Heart Attack, Every Second Counts

Mercy offers fastest heart attack care in Canton Stark County Ohio, thanks to cath lab in ER

If you or someone you love is having a heart attack, every second that passes without intervention means greater damage to the heart muscle. At the Mercy Emergency Chest Pain Center (ECPC), we provide a fully functional cardiac catheterization lab just a few steps away from our emergency department doors. We can stop a heart attack in record time.

ER cath lab in canton ohio to stop heart attacks in record timeA heart attack results when blood supply to the heart is cut off or reduced. Until that blood supply is restored, every second that passes results in harm to your heart muscle, potentially leading to death. Survival after blood flow to the heart has been blocked for a long period time can mean a diminished quality of life. Having a cardiac catheterization lab in the ER means blocked arteries can be opened quickly, often just minutes after arrival. This can not only save your life, but also improve your chance of returning to an active lifestyle.

At Mercy, we work closely with area paramedics to prepare for patient arrival. When heart attack patients are brought to the Mercy ECPC, they are admitted directly to the emergency department catheterization lab for the procedure to begin.