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contact canton mercy weight loss in canton ohioLosing weight and keeping it off can be a tough battle. At Mercy Weight Management, located in the heart of Stark County, we know every person’s weight loss journey is different. That’s why we offer you safe, medically supervised options that can help you not only trim down, but also control blood pressure, cholesterol averages, diabetes and more.

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Five Programs We Offer

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OPTIFAST®: an ideal program if you need to lose 50 pounds or more. Includes full-meal replacement diet, behavior-modification education, exercise and support.

Partial Supplement Diet: a great option if you need to lose 40-50 pounds. Combines OPTIFAST products with one planned meal per day and behavior modification education.

OPTI Choice: perfect if you need to lose under 40 pounds. Combines food with OPTIFAST meal replacement products.

Weight for You: a program that focuses on food and behavioral changes designed to help you maintain weight loss.

Support Groups: get ideas and encouragement from others who, like you, are trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss or adopt healthier eating habits.


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